Run And Wear Yourselves

My fascination for running is not limited to the physical challenge it offers and the resilience of the runner’s spirit to respond accordingly.  Another aspect of running that piques my interest involves the shallower side that is more visual than profound – the running outfit.

I don’t consider myself a very particular person fashion wise; neither am I sloppy.  I like to dress comfortably for the rigor of a sport activity like running, but comfortably fashionable that is.  But trying to dress oneself from head to foot with cool outfit from major brands that specializes in providing top of the line, technical running wear can be quite expensive for a rank-and-file earner like me.  Thus a lot of times cool running fashion is, for me, more of wishful thinking than reality.  This does not stop me from spying though, criticizing and admiring other runners’ diverse outfits ranging from sloppy to cool, gaudy to streamlined and outré to fantabulous!

I have divided runners and their signature wear into these categories:

The Wa Kebs or The Bahala Na Si Batman Runners – They comprises the basement dwellers of the running fashion hierarchy.  This is the kind of look where the runner uses what is readily available in their closet be it the comfy cotton shirt and shorts with ventilation holes all over from much use and abuse.  Their familiarity is like a comfort food and their smell so indistinct from that of the owner that they are one and the same.  This looks is very versatile in a sense that this can be used as stay-at-home get up, gardening and buying-suka-in-the-suking-tindahan wear.  In short, this is the most comfortable attire for the runner that assures him/her the comforting familiarity of home while running in an unfamiliar territory.

The Carry Lang or The Average Joe/Jane Runners – With the above type of runners, they comprise the bulk of the fun runners.  This is because one need not spend a fortune in this kind of wear.  The Average Joe/Jane wear the standard issue singlet that they have paid for in their registration fee and regular running shorts with no prestigious name tag attached.  This kind of wear can be availed for a very minimal amount from the ever growing sports apparel stores if not the ukay-ukays and dv malls.  Their running mantra is that they came to run and have fun and go home; no frills no anything, just fun running.  This wear is just a tad higher in the echelon of running fashion, effort-wise and look-wise, than the Wa Kebs runners.

The Mapagkunyari or The Pirate Runners – The name says it all. They are the bunch of pretenders, pretending to look branded and expensive but for a tad of the amount of the real ones. They scout the areas of Baclaran and Divisoria for the multitude of imitation wear they can project to the impressionable ones and pass off as the real deal. But of course the denizens of Forbes and Dasma are smirking at such brandishment of class. In the mind of those wearing though it’s all in the spirit of fun!

The Uniquely Me  Runners – These runners are comprised of the innovative ones who, due to financial constraints or sheer miserly,  would rather use their imagination and spirit of adventure to scout for apparels that resemble the fashionable and the cool to their own characteristic taste. They are an improvement over the Pirate ones in a sense that they aspire to look cool through the strength of their imagination and craftsmanship and not the fancy of wearing imitation or pirated ensemble.  With some help from Aling Sussie, the next door suking mananahi, they design their own running attire like sporty nike or addidas-looking shorts, or turn a cycling short from the sidewalk hawker into some sort of a trisuit. A cut here, an alteration here, some tuck here and voila, a personalized running outfit!

The Pinagpala or The Cool Runners – This look can be very deceiving.  It looks very simple, almost Average Joe/Janish, consisting of what you would expect the regular runners to use:  shirts (either sleeved or singlet) and shorts (ranging from almost-elite-runner-short shorts to cycling types).  Take note though this very simple look can be very expensive if you happen to see that swoosh symbol or the three stripes somewhere conspicuous yet daintily printed.  This look is simple and classic, yet expensive.  The factors that differentiate this look from the AJL are the brand names and the corresponding price tags of the apparels used, as well as their aversion to wearing the dorky-looking singlets.  In short, you are not a Cool Runner if the total value of your shirt and short is less than 2 grand.

The Higit Sa Pinagpala or The Cool Amped Runners – A little something is sometimes added to the classic Cool Runners look like compression socks and/or sleeves.  A cap or visor with shades, hydration and race belt, and certain accessories like music player in armband complete this look.  The techie runners fall under this category.  Each and every look category mentioned here can have their respective Amped version if accessorized properly with the above mentioned gears.  Save maybe for the last category the reason why fore you will know as you read on.

The Kabogera or The Elite Runners – Runners who are considered elites usually have been pounding the streets for the longest time and have been into rigorous training before mortals realized their respective bodies are made for running.  They wear the most minimal and the most efficient running outfit of all.  Foremost in their purpose in achieving is speed and comfort.  What wear can provide them that is what they use.  Usually this consists of very skimpy split type shorts (in local running lingo – nyort nyorts) and bra top for the female runners (not unless some male runners opt to do so), nothing more and, I believe, no lesser can it go.  I fervently believe that I belong in this group like fish to water, or not!  Mere running mortals with not so defined limb muscles, inexistent abdominal muscles and more rounded and flabby shoulders are wary of this outfit.  Not unless they want to expose for the entire world to see how far they need to be running more!

The Cycle TriSuiters – The name is likewise self-explanatory. These runners don either the cycling outfits or the prestigious trisuits used in, what else, triathlon! Duh! It’s either they are one or pretending to be one. I am a believer of the saying, “Fake it till you get it”. This is not to say that some are fakers but, what the heck, to each his own! Maybe I am just venting my frustration at these guys out of jealousy for not having the guts they have to start training and be one. I take my hats off to them in the same reverence I do for the ultra-marathoners. But that’s another story.  If they are comfy or are getting themselves to be doing road races in their prestigious outfit, then by all means. I have to admit, they look cooooool! So there’s the rub.

The Leggie Compressionaries – This bunch composes of the more techie kinds who have all the bucks to burn.  Compression wear is very expensive with simple tights costing more than 5 thousand pesos.  Though not much conclusive scientific evidence as to their efficacy, many vow to their ability to speed up recovery after a long run and limiting muscle fatigue due to increased circulation and less jarring movements while running.  Though ideal for long runs like half or full marathon, many short distance runners are seen sporting this look more for fashion and comfort than the gear’s purported use I suppose.  I included in this group those who wear the much cheaper, though branded, legging type wear which does not have the compression and the price tag of the real deal but sure looks like one, thus the name.

The Men/Women In Black – This is the variation to the Compressed Look.  Compression wear comes usually in black color.  Thus those using them have black theme to their look.  However, unlike the above look runners who tamper this drab color palette with some dash of color here and there, the M/WIBs on the other hand would love to highlight the classic monotone.     The outfit usually comprises of full tights, black shirt and sometimes black compression sleeves.  The alternate would be black “cycling” tights, black compression sock and black shirt.

The Bongga Ka Day or The CosPlayers – If you happen to see superman and the bunch of super heroes running with mortals or a drag queen mixing sweat with foundation and glittery eyelashes, don’t take a second look, they are runners who want something more out of their running experience than just running.  Some might call the KSPs or kulang sa pansin or even out-of-this-world, but for them, combining fun with running is the very essence of what a “fun run” should be.  Though over the top their running mantra might be, for them providing some sort of welcome diversion to the monotony of a repetitive leg movement, the overly used routes and the putrid smell of the cumulative sweat, is worth all the pain they have to bear running in those thick and heavy costumes.  And I fervently believe that each fun runner should have at least one set waiting in their closet if ever the fun itch would become unbearable.

And last but certainly not the least are a special breed of runners. They can either be any of the above mentioned runners and more! They exude a special aura about them. Either they be simply dressed in classic running wear or in the most fab of costumes,  the air of confidence and glam is outstanding and overpowering.  They are the Fabulous Running Divas! Get to know more of them in my succeeding post.

Now what type of runner do you think you belong and which one you aspire for?  Or if you are too unique to be categorized, what do you call your look?


Putting The "Drag" In Running

RikkiNS wrote:

RunningInDRag Is My Name

RunningInDRag is my running name.  This is the name I use as my forum name in the foremost running blog in the country, the forum.  Why the name?  What is the meaning of such?

Before running even came into existence in my sedentary life, I have been a constant presence in my province drag circuit.  Not the formula one kind for the speed buffs and the international elite racers but the gay and the not so high brow type, the gay beauty pageants.  I am accustomed to donning fabulous and colorful fantasy outfits and elegant gowns than air-cooled, compression running attire.

Running is my present and gay beauty pageant is my past.  But past as it is, it still occupies a big mark in my psychological physique that cannot be erased nor be relegated to the trash bin of my existencial memory.  Now I am trying to bridge the past and the present .

I have been running constantly for eight months now.  Though relatively a newbie in this sport, I think of myself as a very eager student, in fact sometimes too eager for my own good.  Lately there is an onslaught of free running clinics and running clubs offering diverse coaching approach which I cannot afford not to participate in.  First came the Runnr Academy Natural Running Clinic which helds class every Wednesday for eight consecutive weeks; then there is the Milo Apex which is thrice weekly for three months; and the Adination of Runners-BHS which is a once a week group run.  Attending in all would see me pounding the streets of BGC-BHS almost five times a week, Sunday races not including.

Amidst all these efforts to further myself in this new found lifestyle reversal of sorts which not only provided me a healthy option but new found friends who are as equally passionate, I still doubt if I am getting enough out of it.  Despite the seeming over exertion I am putting in just to improve my PR and therevolutionary  increase in my running buddies which a lonely person that I am very much welcomes, I still cannot find complait satisfaction in all my efforts.  

I was using running as some sort of an escape from the squallid reality, from the failure I become.  This should not be the very vortex of my running cause.  I should be happy just running .  Not to forget reality but to embrace it and incorporate what comprises my personal totality into in.  I should be running whole.  This wholeness includes that which is my past, present and future.  If transvestism and fantasy attire makes my happy past and running my happy present, then why not find a happy conjecture of the two alter egos ?  Why reject the past and have a narrow sighted present and future?

Even before I realized that I can travel far with my two legs, I already admired those outre runners dressed not as one but as something else.  I admire their strenght in running in uncomfortable costumes and courage in making a fool of themselves for show and for sheer fun.  They have the best of both worlds.  I want that and I want to be like them. 

The journey is never abrupt.  It takes time and maturing.  By the end of my Milo APEX around August, I will have become a half marathoner.  By then all sort of hesitation on my part to run in drag will have vanished.  The pride in achieveing a certain milestone will thrust me to have the courage to do so.  If my previous relative inexperience in running gives me some insecurity and fear of reproach from the hard core camp, a 21K distance should be a stamp of maturity enough. 

Come September 25 at the Summit Clear Water CamSur marathon, the real RunningInDrag will be reborn.  A pikermi RunningInDrag is the ultimate convergence of my running ideal.  Hopefully, the running community will embrace me in the same manner that they have embraced the newbie me.  I have earned my miles through perseverance and sacrifice.  Now I am ready for my wings.

I am RunningInDrag.



My Quest To Become A Pikermi Runner – First 16K At GHM

RikkiNS wrote:

My quest to become a pikermi runner

My quest to become a pikermi runner started with a great race that was the Greentennial Half Marathon.  After five 10Ks under my belt and succeeding in improving my time to sub-1 hour, I think it’s high time to move up to a longer distance.  In the GHM I hesitantly entered myself in the 16K category.  Why the hesitation?  Please read on.

Weeks previous to this event, I have been trying to up my weekly LSD to 1:30 minutes.  As a 10k runner, the longest I have stayed on both legs running is 1:06 minutes.  I tried this two time and in both attempts I have failed.  The longest my legs can muster to run is 1:15 minutes at most.  By that time, my legs are so heavy I cannot find in myself the strength to move on.  So the hesitation.

But why run a race that the distance I have not tackled in any of my trial runs?  It’s not that I don’t believe in my capacity to persevere despite insurmountable odds.  In fact, previous to my 10K sojourn, I too have not tried running the distance prior to running it.  The most I did was 8.75K.  That is almost a spitting distance which race time adrenaline will push you to surmount.  But 16K is a totally different monster that seems daunting if you have not seen it before.  Or was it?

Despite not being able to go the distance prior to running it in a race, I have an entirely different training two weeks leading to the race.  In fact, it was so different that my body felt as if I was trying to start running all over again!  Coach Jim Saret, the same guy you see kicking the butt of The Biggest Loser Philippines, and the proficient running coaches of the Milo APEX taught me that it is not all running that will lead you to succeed in going the distance in your running goals.  A total body workout must be an integral part of your training to be able to finish a particular distance comfortably and without even running it before hand!  In short the mantra of their training routine is geared towards running less but finishing strong.

On the very first day of the clinic which Coach Jim referred to as our initiation day, we were made to do what Milo is known for, the killer fours!  So called because it is composed of four different drills targetting four different muscle systems done continuously for four minutes!  To think that I have not done two of those in my entire existence (or maybe once a long long time ago during CAT or CMT days), the initiation was indeed an intense blow to my frozen system.  Mind you, a simple push up routine I cannot afford to finish off in correct form.  This led me to realize how off track my fitness situation is despite my regular running sessions.

Now back to my first 16k experience.  The start gun started on the dot at 5:20 A.M. and I went very prudently as I don’t like to fall flat on my face in exhaustion before reaching the finishing line.  Wearing my running attire which some people might find a little bit on the outre side, not finishing the race is such a humiliating outcome I cannot even afford to think about.  In fact I let my friend start at the front of the comparatively (to the other distances) thinner pack while I cautiously settled in the middle.  Fifteen minutes or so into the run though I was running beside her which I sticked for pacing purposes until past the 10K mark.  If left on my own I have the tendency to go fast, so fast in fact that I cannot sustain the entire distance of the race.  Staying with a friend with a more steady pace makes me settle at a pace and stick with it albeit a slower one.

Past the 10K mark, I planned to do the run-walk method espoused my many runners.  I did not.  In fact, I had much energy left in me that I upped my pace to the displeasure of a friend suddenly left behind without any word.  I felt bad after that but at that moment I just felt a surge of a renewed vigor that I forgot making a proper leave to the person that paced me.  She understood though, hopefully that is.

Left for one or two hydration stations after the 10k mark that ran out of cups and the lack of energy drink also at the latter part, the general hydration is excellent some even with ice cubes, bananas, towellets and even chocnut bar accompaniment.  Provided likewise is the shower station where the “refreshed” shots are being taken.  The new route which is the Aseana, the area in between MOA and Coastal Mall, is very promising as it is wide and the vehicular traffic is thin.  Though only a handful, the appropriate location of race marshals provided enough support as to avoid runners being lost.  Race markers are also in place though what is very obvious is the lack of distance markers in them.  Traffic is well controlled along intersections with the help of traffic officers avoiding any untoward incidents.  The presence of medical personnels and ambulance is a very assuring one most especially to the more mature runners.

When during trials runs I dread the 1:15 minute mark, 15 minute beyond that here and I am still on my feet running albeit more labored now.  The last hydration came into view and with heavy legs I reached it only to find out only water is being served.  I was kind of disappointed as at this point I badly needed it.  Without any choice, I drank two gulps hoping to quench a deeper thirst thinking a bottle is waiting for me at the finish line.  So I channeled my sight towards it and with more heart than muscle, I managed to at an acceptable time of 1:46 minutes. 

Looking for that bottle I was swarmed with a congestion of runners that I’m becoming more disoriented every second spent looking for it.  Near the end of the row of booths at the baggage area, there it is swarmed still with runnings filing in front of it!  I would very much want to cut the line and brave the curses just to save myself from passing out.  This is another negative point but the overall is an over whelming success and I am thankful I joined this race and just took the singlet from the other one which I heard lots of flak about.

What’s best on top of it all is the fact that this is my first race where my running clinic friends, the one that makes up the bulk of my running pals being a lonely runner that I am, are also at.  It feels great to be able to reach the finish line knowing you have friends to share your experiences of hardships and triumph with.  Adding to this is meeting new ones who are as equally passionate about running as you are.  Thanks for this wonderful experience GHM and friends.  I am so ready to run another pre-pikermi distance of 16K any given day.


Outing 2011

Early Saturday I was hesitant to prepare my things for the company’s yearly outing.  My left knee is hurting due to week long running clinics I’ve been to.  I thought I still have time after work to go back home and prepare my things then come back where we will be fetched at 8 o’clock.

I was wrong.  Upon arriving at work I noticed that everybody has plastic bags of foods, utensils and drinks, and bags of swimming outfits and towels and what have you.  In short all of them are prepared to go save for me.  I was then told that we will immediately leave after we close at 6!

As I was busy trying to figure out how will I possibly be able to prepare my things and be back before 6 most part of the day, everyone else is hyped by the excitement of the impending fun time at the Jed’s Island Resort at Calumpit, Bulacan.  We can’t seem to concentrate on doing our tasks at hand as all of us are rearing to just go!  The thought of an overnight stay at the biggest resort in Bulacan is just too intoxicating.

The solution to my predicament came when I was allowed to do under time at work just to rescue me from my ignorance.  In short I made it in time fully equipped and much more.  After a slight delay with mechanical problems as the driver of the passenger jeepney we hired (which also replaced the original one due to a mechanical problem also) just wanted to make sure we are safe, off we go to a 2-hour trip towards “nirvana”.

Three hours into the trip and nirvana is nowhere to be found!  We are lost!  The 2-jeepney convoy was not to be as the other one which actually know the route thought it better to just speed away and leave the slower one (where I’m unfortunately at) behind.  If I’m not mistaken we went as far out as Baliuag which is almost 14k off!  With the enervating heat and humidity, tempers are just bound to flare, mine at least.

With almost every block of asking pedestrians for directions, we found Jed’s at last.  It was almost 10 and I’m off by an hour of my scheduled time at the pool (mind you this is what irked me more not the losing of our way).  Upon entering the resort which by the way is my first time, I was kind of taken off and not in a good way by the multitude of people and all sorts of human form imaginable.  For a second I lost track of my present location thinking I was at Divisoria or somewhere equally crowded and confusing.  I am almost prepared to bee line towards the nearest exit when, unwillingly, I found myself led to a more peaceful and quiet nook at the back of the resort – our private sanctuary with our own pool!  Voila, nirvana manifest!

After taking care of our things at our assigned room, we ate our dinner at this late a time at the big cottage where we took to our food as if it’s our last one.  After a few tablespoon fulls, I know I’m good to take a plunge.  I am already itching to take a dip.  The smell of chlorine pervading the air didn’t help one bit.  The others opted to while their time drinking and singing at the karaoke provided at the cottage after dinner.  The kids, which include me, naturally took to the waters.

Then splash!  I’m back to my natural life environment, water!  I am a water creature ever since college days when swimming is our prerequisite P.E. subject.  But this love affair is short lived like my college education due to circumstances and bad decisions on my part.  (It takes a lot of effort and resources for someone not yet working to find a pool every now and then.)  That’s another story of course.  An entire novel of storytelling, I’m sure.  I’m diverting.  To make the story short, I stayed at the pool till the small hours – 3 a.m. to be exact.  Then I’m good to sleep.

I woke up at 7 with barely 3 hours of sleep.  But gauging on my energy wading, swimming, diving and all things I can do at the pool, it doesn’t show one bit.  My very rest is when it’s time to eat which I do with slight hesitation just to have energy for another hour or so of pool activities.

Picture taking at the many exciting nooks with movie and cartoon characters that pervade the area is also a must.  Just take a look at my pictures to have an idea of the diverse photo areas with differing themes good for FB and all.  I think this resort is made for FB!

Many time I tried to go out of our sanctuary towards the main pools – the wave pool which is the biggest, the deep diving pool, the not so deep and the shallow ones for the younger set with many slides and all sorts of set ups for an exciting, fun swimming; I simply cannot go far out and for long.  The crowd and the humidity and the smell of cooked meat, fish, wet things being hung, is just too much to get used to.

The going home time came with much hesitation on my part.  I just feel at home beside water element that shimmers in the summer sun.  But go home I must and to bear the almost more than 3 hours of travel, almost immobile on my seat, is almost too painful to think about.  When we are cruising EDSA, I’m almost numb in my seat, sweating profusely.  But the running in me says to hold on and make a last ditch push toward the almost there finish line.  With a sigh of relief, we did reach the finish line – my home, my nirvana.




My Major Major “Running Block”

How many times have you planned on doing something but hindered by an accident or an unforeseen event?  If you are a sticker to pre-arranged things, these things can throw you a bit off.  Though I’m not really that, still these occurrences affect me or to a lesser degree disturb me.

Since I started joining fun runs (January 2011), I’ve have had four 10Ks and almost the same number of 5Ks.  Though I have not ventured to running for more than one and a half hour, I deem myself ready to level up to 15 or 16K.  Or am I?

This Holy Week vacation I plan towards this venture of mine and up my base kilometer run to 14K at the farthest.  Though I know this may be a bit ambitious, I am prepared mentally and physically (I hope) to succeed.  I cannot afford otherwise as I’ve already signed up for my first ever 16K run – in less than a month!

Unfortunately, my lower back injury recurred.  Of all the opportune time to happen, I ask fate, why now?  Not the first time I’ve uttered this to myself though.  But the bad timing of such stumbling blocks to what ought to be a smooth flowing life just puts us in such bad predicament that you can’t resist questioning fate.  Or life.

Now I’m off in my running plan for three days now and I’m anticipating a full week of hiatus.  A full week!  A week off in running is already equivalent to a month in a regular person’s time.  I cannot afford a full week off or I’m back to square one.  That means going back to the dark ages of heaving and straining and weeping the entire 5K!  I am exaggerating a bit but you get the picture.

I am left with no choice though but to sit this injury out for the next five days (the most, hopefully) which has been hounding me for years since my college volleyball days when it all began.  I’ve not have it checked by the doctor for I simply cannot afford therapy or worst, operation!  In three to five days usually it subsides and my back slowly but oh so painfully returns to its original straight line orientation.

Luckily for me this bad luck (a contradiction of terms?) happened the day before the Holy Week vacation break.  Looking at it through rose colored windows, at least no one can see me doing an old-lady-with-an-osteoporosis walk around work and community.  May be all of these setbacks have purposes I just cannot see at the moment.  Maybe it’s the Higher Ups telling me to slow down a bit and spend the Lenten Week as how it should be – contemplating on life and what I’ve done with it.

Now I’m being too melodramatic. That’s what you become with all these time in your hands and not much to do.  Now I’m being deep and introspective, which the hustle and bustle of racing against time and kilometers deprived me.  Now I’m beginning to thank my weak back for this new perspective in life!

All things that happen in our lives have their purposes which unravel with each ticking of the hands of time.  Amen?  Amen!

Running Commentary On Runners World Phils

Ever since I started running, which was a long six months ago, I have been looking for good running magazines where I can learn a thing or two.  Scanning magazine stands and the net brought my focus to one mag, The Runner’s World Magazine.  Raring to own one and read myself to running land, I was taken aback by the fact that – I simply can’t afford it (the international edition).  Then I chanced upon Men’s Health Magazine that came with the sample of the Philippines edition.  The rest as they say is history.

Fast forward this month of April and my long anticipated 1st standalone issue hit the stands.  I did not let a second pass to have this issue in my very hands.  I was not disappointed one bit.  From the inspiriting Human Race article on runner Annabell Evarola’s fight in conquering cancer through running, the cover story on an admirable Piolo Pascual’s love affair with running, being a responsible citizen using “gree” shoes, improving my running technique and more in “Let’s Get Started”, to the iconic Bart Yasso’s “Race Of His Life”, each and every page contains tons and tons of valuable running information.

The article that captured my running fancy most is “Catching My Breath” by Lit Onrubia.  Having had my share of forum participation, I’ve come to realize that the most valuable and practical lesson a newbie like me gets is from those who’ve been into running for years already.  Mr. Onrubia, having been running for thirteen years, is indeed one of those who know what they are talking about.  And boy, how on the spot they can be when tackling running issues of all sorts!

The very first step I took into the running world is shared with no one else but me.  Then my two co-workers entered the scene and the three of us joined races together since our first one last January.  Then came my running clinic friends which made my circle much broader. Throughout it all though, I still think of running as racing which you do by your lonesome self.  After all you can meet up and bond at the finish line.  Though not a very sociable person, half of me wants a shared while-running experience while the other half says “push, push, push!”  All the while I thought I was the only one having this dilemma.  But reading Mr. Onrubia’s article broadened my perspective in running.

As a newbie, who doesn’t have impressive records under the belt yet, each running event is considered as a PR event.  Years on, I believe, when the novelty of breaking records wears, social running will be more of a norm than an exception.  Once in a while it does not hurt though to slow and share the scenery with a struggling friend.  I’ve done this once and it felt just as satisfying.  A good thing is having friends who are as equally competitive and look at races as a chance to improve themselves.  I am lucky to be surrounded by them, the hard headed group always crowding the finish line!

Now I cannot wait to have the next issue in the bag!

Rikki Suarez, Taguig City

Letter From NMSAAP

Here is the letter from NMSAAP that I copy pasted from  After reading this I felt a warm surge of pride in  myself that I was one of those who contributed my humble registration fee for such a worthy cause.  So read on.

from: Senior Athletes NMSAAP

WE would like to give you the background on how this event was conceptualized and made into reality. As the old filipino saying/questions; KUNG HINDI TYO? SINO? KUND HINDI NGAYON? KAILAN? and so we go. Bayanihan effort from the Masters and Seniors begins.

To start the run organizing the NMSAAP President together with the Board of Directors (BOD)Elma,Emerson,Linda, Mona,Lenny,decided to contribute amount to have the Racebib printed with the registrations and the map.Fred a former Asian Racewalk medalist who also do singlets for runners and a former Botak designer offer to do the initial singlets to jumpstart the registration.

I and my buddy sent letters of request and proposal to over a hundred private and public companies to ask for support for these athletes, the seniors.
Seeing the spirits of BAYANIHAN once more relive for a quest to once again bring our country the pride and glory it always deserve,
I was inspired to double my efforts to raise fund for them. Hoping that we can send more that the usual delegations who pays their trip from their own pocket while doing training for the young generations of athletes as monitoring for the Commission.

The President of NMSAAP told me; “We really dont want to be a burden for the PSC if we can do a way to produce our fund to the WMAC 2011.We understand that the amateurs has a lot of needs to bring the level of competitiveness”
Aside from sending letters to sponsors We also send letters to the valiant and most patriotic community of our nation the PNP and the AFP and the Filipino people.Once I have posted the details to the running websites inquiries pours in multitude and pledges of runners support overwhelmed with a lot of excitement.

I go as far as Camp Vicente Lim to General Mariano in Cavite to the GHQ of PNP and AFP in Crame and Aguinaldo.With a head up high, knowing that this is for the quest for honor and pride of our country, I was in high spirit took my letter to the Generals (PNP Chief Bacalzo)office and AfP Chief Gen. David.
Knowing that most of these athletes also came from their ranks i expected too much only to find out the the PNP denied the request Via Col. Padawan of the PNP Directorate office.Although by their own personal convictions many from PNP joined the Run with the Masters.

AfP circulates the request and The Army responded well they send a contingent to support our masters athletes.I personally received the Navy’s letter of Regrets sighting financial reason why they cannot support our athletes and cant send even a platoon size delegate just to boost the morale of our athletes.

The Filipino people who always been the staunch supporterS of our athletes was there in bunches, in singles, with their families,officemates, and friends.Some came all the way from Mindanao, Visayas and the far Northern and Southern Luzon.

Mixed reactions from the execution of the run. That we all agree, We have a lot to improve. Just like our athletes who had been here since time unremembered. With limited resources we want to show our young athletes that we are here to support and inspire you regardless of the difficulties we may encounter, regardless of what lacks us.WHAT INSPIRE US IS THAT YOU ARE THERE TO SUPPORT AND CHEER US! No need for a disaster to happen, no need for a timing chip to make our run fabulous,you dare to run with the Masters and with the drivers in the streets of Pasay and Paranaque. What more can we ask for to inspire us to once again continue the quest for our country’s pride and best. FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS; MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO MGA KABABAYAN. KAYO ANG INSPERASYON NAMIN. PARA SA DARATING NA WORLD MASTERS ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP. MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS.